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Biology and morphology of human teeth

Hrvoje Brkić, Jelena Dumančić, Marin Vodanović

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  • Hardcover: 268 pages
  • ISBN: 978-953-191-946-3

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The university textbook entitled: ‘Biology and morphology of human teeth’ is an English translation of a textbook published in 2016, prepared for students enrolled in Dental medicine, a course which is held in English. It is signed by teachers of the Department of Dental Anthropology School of Dental Medicine University of Zagreb.

There are very few textbooks that cover this topic, so the publication of this textbook is important for dental students around the world. The manuscript is intended for dentistry/dental medicine students and their acquisition of knowledge in basic sciences observable through the teeth of modern humans.

The manuscript consists of topics such as development of teeth, their specific histological appearance, unique morphology, physiology, masticatory functions, morphological atypicality, and changes in teeth and dental tissues with age. These constitute the basis of dentistry/dental medicine studies in all higher education institutions.